Why Us?

Whether you’re a food lover, a breastfeeding mother, an athlete or anyone looking to take charge of your health, you have found the right team to help you reach YOUR goals.

The Healthy Happy Us approach is based on:

  1. Small, simple steps towards reaching your health goal
  2. Creative solutions that fit into your lifestyle
  3. Methods that are scientifically proven to work

We promise not to put you on a lousy diet! By the time we’re finished, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to ENJOY a healthier happier lifestyle. more

Our Services

Nutrition Counseling

Our team of US Registered dietitians (RD) will help you reach your goal, whether it is weight loss, weight gain, muscle building or healthy pregnancy in Beirut, Lebanon.

Personal Training

Get in shape with a personal training exercise program that is designed by our certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist and dietitian Baraa Sabbagh to fit your lifestyle.

Interactive Nutrition Workshops

Become an expert at leading a healthy lifestyle by attending an interactive nutrition workshop with one of our handpicked experts.

Services for organizations

Our team of dietitians, personal trainers and health experts are equipped to provide your organization with a number of different services specifically designed for your needs. Following

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