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Just like many, I have always had insecurities relating to my body. Working out, against all odds, used to make me feel worse and not better about it, as it used to highlight just how “bad” I was at the whole process. I was VERY intimidated by it, to the point where I used to believe that some things are just not for me, such as running for example. It is for the positive energy, enthusiasm, constant encouragement, and help of the healthy happy us team that all of this has changed now. 

- Sarah A, Lebanon

After engaging in #hhu21days, I stopped having doubts about my ability to lead a healthy lifestyle while traveling and keeping up with a busy/ambiguous schedule. Being able to prepare my meals ahead of time actually ADDED hours to my day, not to mention that I felt so much better as a result of my healthy eating. In the middle of the challenge, I traveled to visit my brother in California. Somehow, giving myself no choice but to stay committed during my travels made the trip so much more enjoyable and led me to results I could have imagined in only 3 weeks!

- Rima F, USA

I love my story with Healthy Happy Us. I was always trying to watch my weight and lose those 3 kilos that appeared overnight 4 years ago and refused to go away. I soon realized that I was enjoying making these amazing recipes that were equally nutritious and delicious that I literally forgot all about the scale and just focused on how happy good food was making me feel. Their dessert recipes made me so grateful I didn’t have to cut out all the good things in life and their breakfast options had me excited to wake up in the morning. I do their workouts anytime, anyplace and the energy the team exudes makes it easy to talk to them about anything!

Basma K, Jordan