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Clients' Feedback

Marianne Kordab

That's the lightest I have ever been! I am very happy, my relationship with food changed everything. I never feel guilty after overeating, I enjoy food and I just listen to my body. & guess what? I am losing weight with not much effort!

#HHUGIMMEFIVE was a great reference, I learned so many healthy and easy recipes. I started cooking for the first time ever and I reduced eating out and take-outs.

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Nadine Adhami

I started with Rola two months ago and I lost 8 kilos of pure fat EFFORTLESSLY!

I was actually eating more than I used to and I lost weight. The best part is that you do not deprive yourself. You can indulge mindfully and positively. 

It is a self-discovery journey to figure things out about yourself and your relationship with food. I really felt like I am in a safe zone.

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Nathalia Mourad

I changed the way I look at myself in the mirror. I don’t eat emotionally anymore.

I eat when I’m hungry, I listen to my body and I stopped punishing myself after overeating. My journey was stress free.  Also, my confidence level became higher, I started noticing the positive things in my day and stopped seeing the negatives. It was a mindset shift

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