The War: Mother vs. In-Laws

May 24, 2016

Every parent should make sure their child is receiving a complete diet that is sufficient for their child to grow optimally physically and mentally. If the child is under-eating, then the child will suffer either from vitamin and mineral deficiencies which affect the brain or from improper height and muscle growth. However, if the child is overeating, the fat stores can cause problems such as lowered immunity, diabetes risk, cardiovascular disease risk, and more importantly emotional hardship growing up. If you are not sure if your child’s diet is complete or not, please contact us to help you make sure your child gets all the right mix of nutrients for their optimal growth. 

This post is written by Mirna Sabbagh, IBCLC and Nutritionist Dietitian at Healthy Happy Us, a nutrition and sports diet center in Lebanon.



That being said, if you are sure your child is eating properly and growing properly for their age then you should be confident in your choices such as avoiding giving children extra food or unhealthy snacks. This will not stop well-meaning family members to comment about your child’s weight or height even if they are growing perfectly

That time of the week with the in-laws!

That time of the week with the in-laws!