ChefXChange: What a concept!

September 04, 2017

I love food. And I really love food-related experiences especially when it comes with a twist! 


Our friends at ChefXChange have really given us something to share! ChefXChange was developed by two foodies who have combined their passion for food and provided all of us with food services to appreciate.

Chef's at chef exchange!

Chef’s at chef exchange!

Let’s delve right in, what can ChefXChange do for us?

They provide us with top chefs to make our lives that much better. How? You get to select private chefs to cater your events and demonstrate live cooking. This could be done for a one-on-one private dinner or birthday party or whatever occasion. And yes, you get to choose a healthy cuisine for your events and one that makes you comfortable. So now, you also have no excuses ;). They even have cooking classes to get you started on your cooking journey. Their latest service, is to deliver daily delicious food to you doorstep.

ChefXChange services. This image was taken from tharawat magazine

ChefXChange services. This image was taken from tharawat magazine



Their whole concept is to provide people with a one-of-a-kind culinary experience with the most suitable chefs. They do this in very creative and diverse methods. What we love most is that they’re a perseverent¬†start-up that has made it on Forbes Middle East 50 Most Promising U.A.E. Startups.


They are currently found in Dubai, Beirut, London, Washington DC & NYC – Have you booked your most epic dinner yet? Make sure to use our promo code to benefit from a $25 discount for any purchase over $100: CXCxHHus. Also, check out my interview with them answering questions about my favorites of everything related to food!

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