Best Christmas Gifts in Lebanon for the Fitness/Nutrition lover!

November 30, 2016

We present to you the best Christmas gift in Lebanon this season for the yoga, fitness and nutrition lover.

As November ends, the festive season slowly unfolds itself with all the twinkle and glitter.  Christmas is getting nearer; and this means it is time to take out your Christmas tree and start thinking about getting your beloved ones a gift that they will cherish all year long.


Well think no longer.  With our fabulous range of gifts, you can not only wish your beloved ones a Merry Christmas, but also a Healthy Happy Christmas!


This year we have an expanded selection of gift ideas to cater to different tastes that you can check out below:


  1. Jawbone UP2/UP3/UPmove fitness and activity tracker


These latest fitness gadget/bracelet are as stylish and tech-savvy as trackers get.  Whether you’re on the run or sound asleep, these trackers will generate incredible insight on your activity to fulfill your fitness goals.


We currently have on stock different colors of UP2 + UP3 + UPmove and are selling a limited amount at a better price than many of our competitors.

  1. GAIAM Yoga/Exercise Mat


This is destined to impress any yoga lover or those that exercise at home!  These beautiful yoga/exercise mats are especially imported for Healthy Happy Us from the USA; they are impeccably designed and well renowned in the yoga classes of London and San Francisco as one of the best mats out there.  Durable, beautiful and lightweight, your beloved one might love them so much they just might want to sleep on them!


We only have a very limited number of mats with no piece like the other, so get yours as soon as possible!

Yoga Lebanon excercice christmas gift lebanon christmas gift in lebanon

  1. The Smart Yoga Bag


Yoga is all about lightening your lifestyle; make things lighter for your yogi beloved one with this incredibly compact and efficient one-of-a-kind yoga bag;  they will finally be able to pack their mat, valuables, water and other yoga kits in one bag that fits everything so perfectly.  This bag utilizes a distinctive air flow system that ensures all equipment and items inside remains odorless.  Practical and convenient, this gift makes a great add-on to any other gift you wish to buy.  Special deal if you buy this with a yoga mat!


christmas gift lebanon yoga bag best yoga in lebanon christmas gift in lebanon



  1. Eshmoon organic delicacies


Who said mouthwatering sweets can’t be healthy?  Eshmoon delicacies include creative chocolate creations infused with different nuts and flavors, and come in different forms, from spreads to candies.  And yes they are all organic, sugar free and gluten free! 


The perfect Christmas gift in Lebanon for those beloved ones that love their sweets yet are health conscious.  We have a large collection of this unique delicacy.

christmas gift lebanon eshmoon dietitian yoga nutrition zumba fitness lebanon beirutchristmas gift lebanon eshmoon dietitian yoga nutrition zumba fitness lebanon beirut


  1. Gift Vouchers for Healthy Happy Us services


If you would rather your beloved one enjoy an invigorating healthy experience, then think no further.  You can buy them a gift voucher enabling them to enjoy many of our services at our Verdun Center.  Whether it’s a nutrition consultation, health workshop attendance, guided supermarket visit or personal training session, they are free to choose what they like.  If you prefer something motivational to get them up and running, you can also choose to get them a dedicated 1 month of our inspirational yoga or Zumba sessions at a reduced price.

christmas gift in lebanon christmas gift lebanon nutrition die personal training tchristmas gift in lebanon Personal training nutrition christmas gift lebanon beirut dietitian nutritionist


We all have that yogi friend and that health conscious family member. Bring a smile to their face this year by buying them the most suitable and unique Christmas gift in Lebanon. For more details, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our center.

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Nadeen Haidar

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