21-Day Challenge by Healthy Happy Us

August 04, 2017

Are you ready for a challenge?


A slimmer, stronger and lighter you in 21 days, is it possible? There’s only one way to find out… Our 21 day challenge is ready for you and the question now is: Are you ready to take it on? Will this season be a game changer for you?


What is the #hhu21day challenge?


  • It’s a life changing challenge, that’s for sure.
  • It’s a 3 week challenge and it includes:
    • A total of 5 juicing days spread out through the 21 days. They include our special recipe of protein energy balls and crunchy salad (delivered to your house)
    • Weekly meal plans, we promise they’ll keep you energized all day
    • Weekly 30-45 minute workout videos
    • Delicious recipes that take no more than 30 minutes, even if it’s your first time in the kitchen! 
Healthy Happy Us weight loss program in Beirut Lebanon

Let’s kick start the challenge!

Who can join this program?

Healthy Happy Us Dietitians in Beirut, Lebanon Baraa, Rola and Nadeen

Healthy Happy Us Dietitians in Beirut, Lebanon Baraa, Rola and Nadeen

Almost everyone. You want to lose the last stubborn 3 kgs of fat? Want more defined muscles? Need a push to get started on your weight loss journey? Or simply just want to eat right? The 21 day challenge can definitely help you get there and more.   

 How can you get on board?

Book an appointment with one of our dietitians and she will guide you through it all. You can meet the dietitians Baraa El Sabbagh or  Rola Ghaddar at Healthy Happy Us in Beirut, Lebanon or you can book an online appointment


As a start, you will be given all the details for week 1 in your first consultations. Then the dietitians will meet you on a weekly basis to help monitor your progress. They will also prepare you for week 2 and then week 3 to get those results you’ve been wanting!



If you’re abroad, you can still join the challenge.  Many people have registered without doing the juicing days. We will provide you with all the details you need for the 21 day challenge on a weekly basis. 

Healthy Happy Us Dietitians, Rola, Baraa and Nadeen

It’s all about feeling healthy and happy with HHU

You inspired us to start this collaboration with Fitness Bar! Yes, our clients and followers who might feel stuck and frustrated that they are not reaching their goals. This was made to motivate you and give you all the support you need to make it happen!


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