A Night with Breastfeeding Stars in Lebanon

August 19, 2015

Attendees struggled to hold their tears back as the documentary about breastfeeding parents in Lebanon produced by Leila Kanaan, a famous filmmaker and a breastfeeding mom herself.

Breastfeeding Gala Dinner

Breastfeeding Parents in Lebanon, Documentary By Leila Kanaan, being played at the Breastfeeding Gala Dinner

A breastfeeding gala dinner, “A Night With the Breastfeeding Stars,” was held under her patronage at Crown Plaza Beirut on Saturday October 10, 2015. Her efforts are a true representation of the unexplained force inside every mom to help another. On behalf of all parents who participated in the film, who have enjoyed watching it and are going to be inspired by it for many years to come Leila was presented with a gift, a crystal star, as sign of gratitude for the fantastic movie that is a huge contribution to the world of breastfeeding.

Filmmaker Leila Kanaan - Breastfeeding Gala Dinner

Filmmaker Leila Kanaan talks about her documentary on breastfeeding parents in Lebanon and receives a gift of gratitude

This beautiful event was organized with the inspirational breastfeeding counselor and lecturer: Nadiya Dragan Al Chiti in partnership with Healthy Happy Us, International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC), Lactica, World Vision, La Leche League Lebanon and The Lebanese Association for Early Childhood Development (LAECD). 300 breastfeeding stars attended including representative from The Ministry of Public Health, The Order of Midwives, The Society of Pediatricians, The World Health Organization, UNICEF and all organizers.

Breastfeeding Gala Dinner Organizers & Contributers

This incredible glamorous evening was only possible the passion and effort of breastfeeding activists.The inspiration behind this event, breastfeeding counselor and lecturer, Nadiya Dragan Al Shiti, gave a touching speech with the powerful message that “Breastfeeding brings people together.” Linda Shaker Berbari gave a great presentation on the achievements made by the National Breastfeeding Campaign which was lead by the Ministry of Public Health. More than 100 raffle prizes were won and the winners of the Facebook photo competition were announced by Healthy Happy Us. A lucky winner received a valuable nutrition package and 10 raffle tickets.

Healthy Happy Us announcing the winners of the photo competition at Breastfeeding Gala Dinner

Healthy Happy Us announcing the winners of the photo competition

A Breastfeeding in Public fashion show displayed the different ways a mother can breastfeed elegantly, proudly and discretely in public. I was particularly moved by Rima who did the catwalk wearing a breast pump. She shared with us that she pumps while at work and that she participated in the fashion show to share this experience with everyone: that it is possible and she does it while seeing clients, signing contracts, networking and she has become so comfortable with it.

Pumping During Breastfeeding in Public Catwalk - Breastfeeding Gala Dinner

Rima shows attendees her breast pump during the Breastfeeding in Public Catwalk

Our favorite part of the evening was the “Shake It Baby” mother and baby dance show. Beautiful moms danced the night away while wearing their babies. It was absolutely stunning!

Mother and Baby Dance - Breastfeeding Gala Dinner Lebanon

An amazing photo booth was set up by the well known studio “Faces by Pierre Noel,” families received their pictures to take home during the event.

Healthy Happy Us at the Pierre Noel Photobooth - Breastfeeding Gala Dinner Lebanon

Healthy Happy Us posing for the Pierre Noel photography team

Great music was played by Generation Gap and the final show was by the first winners of the world Latin dance cup in Lebanon in salsa from Sahar dance school.

 Sahar Dance School

It was an incredible evening filled with many surprise. I was so happy to be the Master of Ceremony, everyone at Healthy Happy Us was so excited to be co-organizing it. We can’t wait till next year!

Nadeen Haidar - Breastfeeding Gala Dinner - Master of Ceremony

Nadeen Haidar, Healthy Happy Us Co-founder, Master of Ceremony of the Breastfeeding Gala Dinner

What should our next get together look like? Share with us your suggestions about where when and what below!

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