Supermarket Tour for the First Time in Lebanon!

September 05, 2016

Choices, choices, choices! From olive oil to coconut oil, frozen to canned, wild to farmed, we want to give you all the information you need to make the best choices for you and your family. With all the food and health trends now-a-days come a lot of questions like, what’s the deal with almond milk? Soy milk? Cows milk? Should I make it at home? Do I have to go for organic?



I think it’s safe to say that we spend more time than the average person in supermarkets ??. We spend a long time deciphering food products, their nutrition content and their ingredients?. We don’t expect everyone to do that. This is why we’ve created an option for people to join us in the supermarket??. Once we understand what your goal is, we can take you around each isle and share with you a summary of all our research??! نستطيع القول أننا نقضي وقتا أطول من الشخص العادي في السوبر ماركت. وذلك لأننا نقضي وقتا طويلا لفهم المنتجات الغذائية ومكوناتها والمعلومات الغذائية الخاصة بها. نحن لا نتوقع من الجميع القيام بذلك. لهذا السبب أعطينا خيارا للناس للانضمام إلينا في السوبرماركت. عندما نفهم ما هو هدفك، نتمشى معك في كل الأقسام ونتبادل معك ملخصا لجميع أبحاثنا! #hhusupermarkettour

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Our team of dietitians at Healthy Happy Us are so happy to be providing the first of a kind supermarket tour service in Lebanon. We believe that healthy eating starts in the choices you make while shopping; in the food that you keep in your fridge and your pantry. We know that supermarkets can be a confusing world, and the more types of milk they put on the shelves, the more cereal bars labeled as “high protein” or cereal boxes as “heart healthy” the more confusing choices can be. We have partnered up with Spinneys to bring healthy supermarket shopping closer to you and your family.


The Video

Meet the dietitians through this short video to know more about these tours!


We’ve been on hundreds of these tours and have changed the shopping habits and pantries of hundreds of people as a result. We’ve taken moms, children, university students, chefs, athletes and bloggers, all with one goal: to make more educated choices in the supermarket. We personalize the supermarket to cater to each person’s goals, interests and knowledge level.


Supermarket tour lebanon dietitian nutritionist

Our dietitian Baraa helping the attendees select the drink that is most beneficial to their lifestyle

Supermarket tour lebanon dietitian nutritionist

Rola, our dietitian providing tips on how to choose the right bread

Supermarket tour lebanon dietitian nutritionist

Quinoa Milk? Rice Milk? Yep, we go through each one that may be relevant or beneficial to your lifestyle to help you make the right choice.

Our supermarket shopping tour is 2 hours long and it covers all you need to know about healthy shopping. We start by understanding your goals and what you look for when choosing ingredients. We then go through each section in the supermarket and discuss the main points that we think are important and answer any questions you might have. By the end of our tour you will have mastered reading nutrition labels, choosing heart healthy oils and much more.


Super Mama Lebanon called it “The Supermarket Tour That Will Change Your Life,” will it be life changing for you too? Read more about her experience here.


To sign up call 76031638 to book a private tour for you or with friends and family.

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