Aya Diab, Fashion Blogger

I had my first visit to Healthy Happy Us clinic in January and I was pleasantly surprised by this visit. To start with Rola and Baraa have this amazing positive energy that they radiate once you see them. They are healthy happy girls which is exactly my goal for 2017. I went to Healthy Happy Us once a few weeks later and the results were great! I lost 1.6 kg which is the exact amount that I needed to lose and they told me what I need to add into my diet now in order to grow muscles – I don’t mean manly muscles just a bit of body toning – I love meeting with them because they make me feel at ease with my diet and lifestyle, I’m very harsh on myself a little perfectionist. They understand the emotional eating and we are working on mindful eating at the time being. Life can be stressful no? But it’s more important how to deal with stress. Read more about her journey here.

Sarah, MSc Student

Just like many, I have always had insecurities relating to my body. Working out, against all odds, used to make me feel worse and not better about it, as it used to highlight just how “bad” I was at the whole process. I was VERY intimidated by it, to the point where I used to believe that some things are just not for me, such as running for example. It is for the positive energy, enthusiasm, constant encouragement, and help of the healthy happy us team that all of this has changed now. Apart from being much more comfortable in my skin, I now know that, with the right mindset, you can have any lifestyle you wish to have as all obstacles are self-constructed. I also got to realize that the true competition is ONLY with one's own self, and that to reach your goals you have to start somewhere – and there's absolutely NO shame in that.


So much of this is because of the amazing spirits, spontaneity, and very different but very harmonic characters of the HHU team!


PS: Looking forward to embark on the semi-long-distance-relationship boat with HHU !

Learning & Development Advisor, Advanced Trainer in Emotional Intelligence

If you would like a holistic dietary, nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle approach, to me, there is 'one stop shop' and that is at Healthy Happy Us. End of story.

Not really end of story. I do mean it, and I do have a reason for saying this. What makes me say that?

Baraa and Rola are the most talented, incredibly understanding, supportive, sharp and flexible dietitians and nutritionists I have seen around. Not only because they know what they know, but also because they care. They really do and they will do their best to make sure you get the results you want.

Not to mention their qualifications and expertise as Licensed Dietitians with a plethora of well-rounded experience, they transform the dietary experience from a place I used to call "dreading dieting" to enable and transform my thinking to "my healthy marvelous self"!

My personal experience with the ladies is utterly delightful as they are pleasant, kind, engaging, with no end to their smiles, all qualities that can't be acquired in any qualification. They have the jazz to take nutrition and dietetics one step further!

Frankly speaking, I've never ever liked to diet as I have been an emotional eater and prone to yoyo eating, even though I wanted to look good and feel healthy. Baraa and Rola combined their efforts and made me feel that it will only be a way of life for me according to the way I like to live it (they just smartly wooed me into adopting that in a responsible manner). I never felt hungry. Ever. And I always look forward to learning more of their healthy mindset and recipes.

Scheduling wise, they won't make you feel bad if you reschedule, and Jinan is also an absolute darling, always open, and always ready to help you take it further. Can't wait for my next appointment knowing they are always ready to help me find solutions.

All in all, they are professional, experts and absolutely lovely, beautiful, ladies inside out. They inspire you to be the same.

Krystel, Senior Instructor/ Nutrition Support Dietitian

I had the pleasure to teach the successful dietitians of healthy happy us in AUB and they were motivated and eager to learn. They made my teaching experience an unique experience, I had with them the most intensive scientific discussion.

I have also had the privilege of working with them on important national project regarding the first Lebanese Food Based Dietary Guidelines. They were responsible of preparing the education material and they were just perfect! Their communication skills are excellent and their enthusiasm is overwhelming.

I am looking forward to future collaborations with them!

Suha, Head of Team - Credit & Facilities Division

My Healthy Happy Us experience was and is still beyond dieting and losing weight. It is a journey of discovery of food and loving food - something I thought is not allowed in a diet.

I have learnt to make the food with love and to diversify my meals; moreover, the recipes are delicious, nutritious and making them is easy.
With my hectic lifestyle as full-time banker, I highly appreciate the services of Healthy Happy Us as the team always responded to my questions and my concerns.

To me, it is beyond what dieting is about; it is healthy happy journey with my own body <3 Thank you inspirers!


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