About Us

We are 3 co-founders & registered dietitians who earned their BS degree in the American University of Beirut. We were trained at the only American recognized ACEND accredited program in the Middle East at AUBMC. Our enthusiasm for nutrition and spreading awareness brought us together in 2010 and our continuous successful bond allowed us to establish Healthy Happy Us in 2015. 

Healthy Happy Us Team Dietitians

Nadeen Haidar (left), Baraa El Sabbagh (center), Rola Ghaddar (right)

Where are we right now?

Healthy Happy Us Center is in Beirut, Lebanon where it initially all started. The 3 of us now live in separate countries: Rola in Lebanon, Nadeen in London, and Baraa in Dubai. This has ignited a new career path for Healthy Happy Us that allows us now to tap into the rest of the world through our online services! Have you seen our latest programs

What are our specialties you may ask?

We have a passion for everything nutrition & health related, but we each have a bigger passion for something specific. 

Baraa El Sabbagh, Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist, Personal Trainer in Dubai 



Baraa El Sabbagh, RD, LD, PT Certified Sports Nutritionist

I love everything sports and fitness-related. One of my favorite things is to guide people on what to eat so they achieve their highest exercise performance. I also enjoy spending lots of time in the kitchen making nutritious healthy recipes. & then compiling them and sharing them with you through our social media portals, programs and consultations. 


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Rola Ghaddar, RD, Certified Health Coach

Helping you discover a healthy lifestyle that you enjoy and seeing you happy is my ultimate passion! I have a thing for Nutrition education, mindful eating, emotional eating and counseling. As a health coach, I’ll also help you get rid of stress and identify the obstacles to reach your goal. Oh & I LOVE healthy desserts!

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Nadeen Haidar, RD, Eating Disorders Specialist

Promoting a healthy relationship with food and positive body image is something that I am absolutely passionate about. When I'm not doing that, you'll find me in the kitchen experimenting with traditional ingredients and redefining mamas old recipes to share with you!

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I'm sure you're not awesome on your own, who else is supporting you?


We have an amazing team and support system behind Healthy Happy Us. At our headquarters in Beirut, you'll find:

Angela Azar, Dietitian and Personal Trainer spreading her radiant energy all around.

Farah Ghazzawi, Assistant, always ready to give you her best answer to all your queries.

Aya Halabi, Personal Trainer, bringing her best game to challenge our clients.

Nu Yu Medi Spa, Leading Cosmetic Dermatology center that we work hand-in-hand with in getting you the latest treatments to feel your best.

& a huge amount of community, family, love, loyal customers keeping us going strong to deliver the best we have for you!