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It's finally here! Our #HHUTransformation program has fun workouts, motivation, amazing results and most importantly self-care. We tailored this extra-ordinary program based on our experience over the past years to fit your goals. 

Are you ready? Grab a friend and join the challenge to become stronger, more toned, healthier & the best version of yourself in just 30 days!

Meet your trainer & nutritionist (left picture) that will be guiding you throughout the month! 

What it Includes:

  • Fun & challenging workout program that includes 12 group training sessions at HHU center. 
  • 1 Nutrition assessment where our dietitians will get to know you and explain the plan.
  • 2 Nutrition check ups where you can discuss your challenges and concerns.
  • Super delicious high protein meal plan to help you build these muscles. 
  • Nutritious and delicious recipes for you to enjoy your meals. 
  • Education about what to eat before, during & after workout to get the BEST results. 
  • Constant motivation, positive vibes and self care! 


This program is made if you want to:

  • Lose fat and build their muscles or just tone their bodies,
  • Train with an accountability buddy and doesn’t like to train alone,
  • Enjoy challenging & fun workouts,
  • Commit and see amazing results, 
  • Get the best of both nutrition and fitness.





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    1 assessment+ 2 follow ups/ 12 PT sessions







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    Since we are launching this program in October, we have a small surprise for you! Everyone who signs up during this month will get extra discount. YES you can get this life changing program for ONLY $390.