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Get in shape with a personal training exercise program that is designed by our certified personal trainers, sports nutritionist and dietitian Baraa Sabbagh (in Dubai, UAE) and Angela Azar (in Beirut, Lebanon) to fit your lifestyle.

If exercise is within your short or long term health goals, you can be assured we’ll find a fun and exciting way to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. 

We offer personal training services in 2 forms: 

  1. Exercise program for you to follow: If you are exercising at the gym or at home (in Lebanon or even abroad) and you would like to ensure a well-rounded exercise program, we can provide you with all the guidance you need through a detailed program. 
  2. Personal training package at HHU: If you want to maximize your results, you can utilize our private studio space at Healthy Happy Us with a one-on-one or two-on-one (even better with a workout partner) session with our personal trainer. You may take a package of 8 or 12 sessions per month tailored specifically to your goals.
  3. Personal training package in Dubai: Baraa can personal train you at your building gym, the gym you go to (if it allows for freelancers to train you). Get in touch with us and we'll sort out all of the details. 

Our team will make sure your workout program will be tailored based on your daily routine, interests, exercise history and fitness goals. We love seeing our clients become stronger, fitter and healthier with every session and we hope for you to join us soon! 

Book your session now with Baraa El Sabbagh or Angela Azar US Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainers.