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Our team of US Registered dietitians (RD) will help you reach your goal, whether it is weight loss, weight gain, muscle building or healthy pregnancy in our center in Beirut, Lebanon or through an online consultation.

"We don't tell you what to do, we help you discover what is best for you." 

Taking charge of your life and finding healthy habits that you love: this is the core of our nutrition counseling approach. Choose between our targeted programs for weight management, gym goers, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. We have searched high and low for the best techniques and programs that will guarantee lifestyle change towards a healthier happier you. Our programs have been tested and have proven to be successful for:


Weight management
Our weight management program:
  • Delivered by US Registered dietitians in Lebanon who are trained in the HHU weight loss approach
  • Highest level of expertise in safe and effective nutrition, exercise and behavioral counseling
  • You will lose weight and keep it off
  • No restrictive diets or weight loss herbs and medications
  • Easy steps towards a healthier lifestyle that you can enjoy
  • Personalized for your unique health profile and lifestyle pattern
  • Specialized plans for bariatric and chronic disease patientsGoal setting Dietitian Lebanon
Gym goers
What should you eat before or after your workout? What are the recommendations for supplements? How to prepare for marathons? Or simply how to manage a healthy eating pattern with your exercise routine? Meet our dietitian and certified personal trainer to answer all of your questions!Sports nutritionist lebanon dietitian
Mothers through pregnancy and breastfeeding
Research shows that the nutrition that your baby receives between pregnancy and his second birthday has a great impact on his health as an adult. We can give you the guidance you need to ensure a strong, healthy foundation for your baby while:
  • Gaining the right amount of weight during pregnancy
  • Losing any unwanted pregnancy weight
  • Having a positive breastfeeding experiencedietitian lebanon nutrition pregnancy breastfeeding
Vegans and Vegetarians
A well balanced plant based diet offers many health benefits but if left unmonitored could lead to fatigue and several nutrient deficiencies.We respect everyone's dietary choices and our role is to ensure you are receiving all the nutrients your body needs while enjoying the veggy-based diet of your choice.
vegan vegetarian lebanon dietitian
Allergies and intolerances
We take allergies and intolerances very seriously and we understand how frustrating it could be for you or your loved one. We will help you find practical ways to avoid any problems you may encounter and provide you with creative healthier alternatives.Allergies dietitian lebanon healthy happy us
You can take this journey on your own or with a partner, friend or a family member. We offer specialized consultations for groups that are built upon bringing out the best in each. A little motivation from the closest people in your life may be the fuel you need to achieve your goals!
You can settle your payment in our center, through Western Union or online via Paypal.
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