Best Christmas Gifts in Lebanon for the Fitness/Nutrition lover!

November 30, 2016

We present to you the best Christmas gift in Lebanon this season for the yoga, fitness and nutrition lover.

As November ends, the festive season slowly unfolds itself with all the twinkle and glitter.  Christmas is getting nearer; and this means it is time to take out your Christmas tree and start thinking about getting your beloved ones a gift that they will cherish all year long.


Well think no longer.  With our fabulous range of gifts, you can not only wish your beloved ones a Merry Christmas, but also a Healthy Happy Christmas!


This year we have an expanded selection of gift ideas to cater to different tastes that you can check out below:


  1. Jawbone UP2/UP3/UPmove fitness and activity tracker


These latest fitness gadget/bracelet are as stylish and tech-savvy as trackers get.  Whether you’re on the run or sound asleep, these trackers will generate incredible insight on your activity to fulfill your fitness goals.


We currently have on stock different colors of UP2 + UP3 + UPmove and are selling a limited amount at a better price than many of our competitors.


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Is your new year’s resolution “Lose Weight”… Again?

December 30, 2015

2016 is almost here an it’s time to sit down and write those new year’s resolution(s)! Most of us make a new year’s resolution as a result of a brief inspiration and excitement to start the new year differently, to make 2016 the year of health, wealth and all things good.


2016 healthy living new year's resolution

More often than not, “lose weight” is on the top of our new year’s resolution list. In fact, research suggests that it is THE most popular new year’s resolution and most people have it on their list every single year. But does it really work? Well, if it’s on there every year, it probably isn’t and there’s a very good explanation as to why that is.


5 reasons “Lose Weight” is not a good new year’s resolution:



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