4 Lessons About Weight Loss I didn’t Learn in University

February 26, 2017

Weight loss and building healthy eating habits is a journey for everyone, including dietitians. There’s always that awkward moment when I meet people for the first time over a meal and I get asked “What do you do?” When I say “I’m a dietitian” there has to be a reaction and it’s usually this: They take a quick look at their plate (to remember what they are eating) then their eyes glance at my plate. This is either followed by an embarrassed “Oh, I better watch what I am eating. Heh.” or a judgmental “Oh so as a dietitian, you eat (insert name of food I am eating)?!”


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Let’s Bring the Lunchbox Back into Adulthood!

April 03, 2016

Who doesn’t love the homey loving feeling that a lunchbox gives us? Even when I’ve packed it myself, I love opening it and thinking: I am actually taking the time to take care of myself. My body and I really deserve it! This post is written by Nadeen Haidar, nutritionist at Healthy Happy Us, a nutrition and sports diet center in Lebanon.

Here are 4 reasons why we’re bringing lunchboxes back into adulthood:

  1. They help in weight management

Woman on weight scale

Whether your goal is to lose, gain or maintain weight, planning your meals ahead of time is key to success. Getting in the habit of preparing a lunchbox means shopping for healthy ingredients and doing a bit of prep on the weekend or the evening before. Making decisions outside work usually means that you can have more time, be less hungry and less stressed- three factors which have been proven to help you make wiser more nutritionally satisfying decisions. (more…)

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